Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Valentine´s Day!!

Nautilus Dive Cabo San Lucas:

We are very happy to be back in the blog and letting you know all the great dive´s we are having in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico!

Date:February 14th 2016

Dive sites: Cabo San Lucas Bay

This time I want to tell you about this nice couple from Texas, Tom McClung & Michelle Baker. they both certified divers, but first time diving here in Cabo, they were very excited to do their immersion but once they get to the Ocean, she started to get anxious, so Julio (the instructor) talked to her and built up a confidence to do at list one tank, she tried and once she saw all the marine life she got really comfortable and enjoyed, specially the big sardines school with the sea lion hunting them she forgot the nervous how she was at the first time and did the two tanks that were planned from the beginning.

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