Monday, March 16, 2015

Dive Report - March 11th, 2015

Date:  March 11th 2015
Location: Cabo San Lucas
Dive Sites:  South Chileno & Pelican Rock

Depth Range:  30 to 70 feet
Visibility:  15 to 20 feet
Temperature:  72 degrees
Current:  Moderate
Waves:  Moderate
Wind:  Moderate

Today Nautilus Dive Tech conducted certified diver tours to the corridor and bay dive sites.  Dael led the group and Casey accompanied the divers using his Hollis Prism 2 rebreather.

The first dive to Chileno started in the sandy clearing on the south side of the reef.  Slowly the group progressed to deeper water.  The visibility had degraded overnight a bit.  The divers saw a small school of mobula rays, several moray eels, a school of bright yellow pork fish, damsel fish and numerous sergeant majors. 

By the end of the first dive the ocean had started to pick up.  Rather than risk a rough return trip, the group decided to head back to Cabo early and make the second dive back at Pelican Rock.  The surface interval back to Cabo was uneventful.  We saw a few jumping mobulas but that was about it. It appears the whales had the day off.  The only activity was off shore quite a ways.

Pelican Rock was bustling with life.  Even though the visibility wasn't too good, we were able to focus in on the rock formations and see smaller critters.  My favorite of the dive was the white nudibranch cruising (slowly) through the cup coral.  We turned the dive in the shallow area at the top of the Sand Falls.  The pregnant white tip shark was resting at the base of Pelican Rock.  Eventually she had enough of the cameras and headed out for deeper water.  Maybe she will be back for the night dive tonight :)

NDT Staff

Photo of the day (maybe not THE day)

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