Monday, March 16, 2015

Dive Report - March 12th, 2015

Date:  March 12th 2015
Location: Cabo San Lucas
Dive Sites:  Los Morros & Land's End / Shipwreck

Depth Range:  30 to 80 feet
Visibility:  20 to 40 feet
Temperature:  72 degrees
Current:  Mild
Waves:  Moderate
Wind:  Moderate

Today Nautilus Dive Tech conducted certified diver tours to the bay dive sites.  Dael and CJ led the group and Casey accompanied the divers using his Hollis Prism 2 rebreather.   The trip had been planned for Santa Maria, but the seas were a little rough in morning so we opted to stay closer to the bay instead.  

The first dive to Los Morros started on the principal rock which is less than 20 feet deep to top.  The group used the rock as reference for their tour.  Today the surge had increased.  It was about a 3 to 4 foot swing.  After the group was in the water, Casey followed and cleared the anchor.  As a solo rebreather dive, he was able to clearly hear the sounds from the ocean.  The whales were in full song for his entire dive, how cool!  Other than the whale song, he reported a large bait ball near the anchor line.  The rest of the group reported a variety of tropical fish.

On the way back to Cabo we saw the Marina Rescate (Rescue Boat) leaving the bay.  They went to give support to a boat that was damaged by a whale.  This is an extremely rare event, but I am sure it is one the guests and crew will never forget.  It is unclear at this time if the boat was following whale watching regulations or simply just didn't see the whale.  

Although the ocean was choppy, we decided to make the second dive at Land's End.  The swell coming into the point was significant and their was considerable surge in shallow water.  The water coming in from the Pacific was much more clear than what we had the past few weeks.  Visibility tipped out at near 40 feet and was nice and blue.

The group made a mixed dive between Land's End and the shipwreck. Sea lions dive bombed the group barking playfully.  Land's End was teeming with life.  We saw large schools of pork fish, surgeon fish, and goat fish.  There were also numerous lobsters, eels, and octopus.

One of the divers in the group had been recently certified and her first post certification dives were in Cabo San Lucas.  Over the course of the last three days she showed a lot of progress and was much more comfortable in the water.  It is great to see how new divers learn and gain experience.  We look forward to her next scuba diving trip to Cabo.

NDT Staff

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