Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Dive Report - March 22, 2015

Date:  March 22th 2015
Location: Cabo San Lucas
Dive Sites:  Neptune's Finger & Pelican Rock

Depth Range:  35-107 feet
Visibility:  20-50 feet
Temperature:  72 degrees
Current:  Mild
Waves:  Mild
Wind:  Mild

When one of our dive club members, Roxanne, called up saying it had been too long since she'd gone diving we knew we had to take her to Neptune's Finger. Even with the vis was barely 20-25 feet there back on the 17th and 18th, there was just loads of life active and surrounding you. Now the vis s 40-50 feet and still rocking! Grunts, Jacks and Bonitos doing their daily dance!

Dael was at Pelican Rock with his Open Water Student working on skills, so CJ and Roxanne jumped in there and made our way through both Pelican Rock down to North Wall. While the visibility was noticeably less in these spots compared to Neptune's it was a great dive! No current, We saw 2 yellow pacific seahorses and a sea turtle, whitetip reef sharks in both sites, eels and spent a good 5 minutes with an octopus who was moving out and about!

The water is slowly cooling off again as well as clearing up. Soon we'll start to see more cold water sea life coming back in. All and all though another great day of diving!

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