Saturday, April 18, 2015

Dive Report - April 5th, 2015

Date:  April 5th, 2015
Location: Cabo San Lucas
Dive Sites:  Neptune's Finger and Land's End

Depth Range:  30-120 feet
Visibility:  20-40 feet
Temperature:  72 degrees
Current:  Mild
Waves:  Moderate
Wind:  Mild

Today the morning tour visited Neptune's Finger.  The divers wanted to make a deep dive following the top of the canyon wall.  The immersion started near the principal structure and the descended to their operating depth of 110 feet.  Through the descent we found numerous tropical fish escorting us to the maximum depth. On the canyon plateaus we found several guitar fish and stone fish tucked into the crevices and over hangs.  At 110 feet the divers still had a great view of the canyon below.  As you fly over the canyon walls, it is natural to wonder what could come from the depths of the seemingly bottomless void.  During the ascent, the group paused at one of the cleaning stations in 60 feet of water. This cleaning station is a small rock formation sitting off on it's own surrounded only by sand. Being the only structure in the area in mid-water, it is a good stopping point for larger fish to stop and get groomed by butterfly and barber fish picking parasites off, as well as a good spot to see a variety of moray eels.  On the outskirts of the rock amber jacks and bonitos cruised around hunting the fish that strayed from the station.

During past trips to Cabo San Lucas, the divers had enjoyed Land's End before.  However, they had yet to see it after the 2014 hurricane last fall.  The divers descended at Land's End in front of the cave like crevice that used to only be about 10 feet across.  The crevice is now in 50 feet of water and extends almost to the surface.  On the way into the cave we encountered a group of divers coming out.  They had found a large diamond sting ray in the cave and followed it out.  After exploring the recently excavated cave, we made our way through the narrow sea lion channel.  It is about 5 feet across and in the past it was only about 5-10 feet deep. After Hurricane Odile though, it's now almost 30 feet and a good spot to try and see some sea lions playing. After passing through the channel we explored the shipwreck and Land's End Pinnacle.  We encountered large schools of tropical fish, several octopi, more than 10 moray eels.

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