Saturday, April 11, 2015

Dive Report - April 2nd, 2015

Date:  April 2nd, 2015
Location: Cabo San Lucas
Dive Site:  Chileno, Blow Hole, Pelican Rock, and North Wall

Depth Range:  30-70 feet
Visibility:  30-50 feet
Temperature:  74 degrees
Current:  Moderate
Waves:  Mild
Wind:  Mild

Team Nautilus provided a number of services in Cabo today.  The morning tours included a private yacht charter on the corridor sites, certified diver tours to the bay, and afternoon Discover Scuba Divers.

The conditions in the morning were stellar.  The water was warm, blue, and clear.  In the corridor Dael was able to find a large mixed school of pork fish and goat fish.  As the divers approached the school it changed shape but the ball was larger than 30 feet in diameter.  Although these fish are quite common to Cabo, the size of the ball was extra cool!

The divers in the bay saw resting white tip sharks, sea horses, and large schools of yellow snapper and trumpet fish.  Just one more beautiful day at the world famous Pelican Rock.

In the afternoon the sun began to set behind the mountains near Pelican Rock.  As the shadow was cast over the dive site, the white tip sharks became more active.  Our DSDs were able to see the white tips free swimming in only 30 feet of water.  The group had a great time and we look forward to them completing their PADI open water course in the future!

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