Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Dive Report - March 31st, 2015

Date:  March 31st, 2015
Location: Cabo San Lucas
Dive Site:  Robert's Rocks

Depth Range:  110 feet
Visibility:  25-35 feet
Temperature:  72 degrees
Current:  Moderate
Waves:  Moderate
Wind:  Strong

Today the Nautilus team was conducting an ANDI Extended Range Course.  The site was off shore in about a 110 feet of water.  The scheduled run time was 90 minutes.  The team planned the dive for three cylinders of bottom mix and one for the decompression stops.  Normally this dive site yields limited bottom times, but by using Tec diving procedures we were able to explore a much larger area. The conditions were pretty good accept for the top 20 feet.  During the last deco stops the visibility dropped to about 15 feet.  The shallow water was inundated with a variety of jellyfish  (no stings today).

The group had hoped to spot some whales during the deco hang since we saw a baby humpback breaching a few hundred yards away just minutes before entering the water, but unfortunately the only whales encountered were seen from the surface.  Our gentle giants should still be in the area for a few more weeks. Next time we won't stop for tacos on the way out!

During the dive we found spotted sting rays, diamond sting rays, bulls eye electric rays, jeweled moray eels, a large green sea turtle and a school of 40+ sierra mackerel!

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